Property Level Flood Protection (PLP)

Drainage and flood defence works

Flood Defence is as individual as your home so we recommend a free consultation from a specialist as the best starting point.

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The average flood-damage case results in repair costs of around £30,000 on average per property.

"Your surveyor will be able to advise on additional measures ranging from air-brick covers to pumping systems and even automatic flood doors."
- Phil - Flood Protection Quoter.

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"It is your responsibility to manage your own flood risk and protect yourself, your family, property and business."

- S.E.P.A -- The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Do you experience standing water around your property?

Standing water, boggy lawns, flowing rain water are all danger signs. Unchecked, water can rise and enter a property or undermine foundations.

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"After several days of heavy rain the back garden would always become a no-go area several inches deep. We didn't realise how simple this could be to fix."
- Mr. Espiner, Wokingham

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